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Really interesting new technology Touch Code, let’s you print invisible ink that smartphones can detect! Graphic Designers should love this.

Just a few weeks after Touchcode has been recognized with the prestigious Technology Innovation Award hosted by Wall Street Journal, Printechnologics received once again an amazing honor for its work. The Touchcode technology has recently been awarded from the “home of technology innovators” with the Silicon Valley Award as “Best Technology Innovation in Mobile” during the Silicon Valley Conference, taken place from October, 31 - November, 1, in Santa Clara| California. Bringing together innovators, entrepreneurs and visionary leaders from the Silicon Valley and the world, the conference and award were initiated to celebrate the technology revolution the epicenter of innovation has created in the past 30 years.

Networking & Launch Party in Columbus
Hosted by Flare Code, Internal Women’s Day, GroundWork Group, TechGROWTH Ohio at the Fish Market in Columbus!
RSVP at http://flarecodelaunchparty.eevent.com/

Networking & Launch Party in Columbus

Hosted by Flare Code, Internal Women’s Day, GroundWork Group, TechGROWTH Ohio at the Fish Market in Columbus!

RSVP at http://flarecodelaunchparty.eevent.com/

Flare Code Launch Party: Columbus

11 months ago

You Should [ Believe in ] Twitter Because It Makes Everyone As Smart As Anyone | TechCrunch

 A ton of nice thoughts on Twitter in this Tech Crunch article by Josh Constine “… at its best, Twitter is a tool for distilling understanding of the world into the most digestible format possible.” 

I think the answer in finding Twitter’s business strategy going forward is in context of discovering and recording. 


11 months ago

Great new entrepreneur inspiration video from the Square let’s Talk series. Keep up with these if your interested in starting your own business. https://squareup.com/lets-talk

We’ve been on a spiritual hiatus of sorts for the past year, observing, researching and discovering how mobile phones can help us become better storytellers and ignite more engaging conversations with the world around us. Flare Code has realized it’s true benefit as the best platform for developing campaigns that communicate your message in the most exciting and effective, surprising and simple ways. We’re hosting an event in Columbus in mid-November to share our findings. Look out for more updates leading up to our big relaunch!

Report: 62% of businesses see sales boost from mobile site.

Econsultancy posted a report on Tuesday that gave further support to the importance of tailoring your web presence for mobile and tablet users.

Some highlights:

  • "62% of companies that designed a website specifically for mobile and 64% that designed a site for tablets had increased sales."
  • 35% of companies now optimize their site for mobile — up from 25% last year.
  • Tablet optimization nearly doubled from 13% to 25%

What does this mean?

It means that businesses that are not prepared to serve mobile and tablet customers losing out on more than a trend — they are missing out on actual sales.

Thinking about building a mobile presence? Give us a call at 614-407-5363 and we’ll guide you in developing an effective, affordable mobile presence.

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Find out what information matters to your online audience, then deliver it.


A few days ago I found myself in a situation that seems to happen every week. Once again I was hungry and looking for somewhere to eat out. I’ve only been living in Columbus for a few months and I like to try new restaurants whenever possible so I pulled out my laptop and began browsing Yelp. In a few minutes I found a highly rated Chinese restaurant with a special deal running. My stomach growling, I searched for their site to check the menu and… the menu was nowhere to be found. I ended up eating somewhere else.

I suspect that at some point in the lives of most consumers, not being able to find the right information online has pushed them away from a purchase. If it wasn’t a menu, it may have been a phone number, hours of operation or a listing of stores where they could buy a given product. You may not run a restaurant, but no matter what you do you’re probably aware that getting people onto your site involves a lot of hard work and probably a pinch of luck. When that happens, your only duty to this person as a potential customer at this point is to give them what they’re looking as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you will lose customers.

Luckily for everyone, you don’t need to include a mind-reading feature on your site to accomplish this because most of the people are going to come to your site looking for the same things. There are a few ways to figure out just what that is, but the least labor-intensive method is to simply put yourself in the shoes of your consumers and think of what they want. Since you offer something to other people, you may have difficulty putting yourself in that situation. However, you make buying decisions almost every day. You hold loyalties to some brands over others. Make a conscious effort after today to stay aware of how you buy and why. Don’t make the same mistakes in your business that bother you as a consumer.

If you want to get serious about this, why not ask your customers if they were able to find everything they wanted from your site? You won’t be able to speak with the ones whose business you lost with this method (obviously) but you can at least use this to get an idea of what was hard to find. As a bonus, this will help you for a better relationship with those you serve. In addition, pay attention to questions people call to ask you because often this can point to information that’s missing from your site.

With mobile users, who are famously impatient and ready to act on their research immediately, form is important to consider as well. Even if everything that truly matters is just one click away from your front page, finding those links on mobile can still be tricky if the site isn’t formatted to adapt to the small screen. If you’re one of our users, we recommend using contact info or a concise rich text section with the most important information as your first piece of content.

Finding out what matters most to consumers looking at your site is always a worthy investment. With just a small amount of time and some simple modifications to your site, you can see real improvements that directly impact your sales very quickly.

Photo credit: vernieman